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What Is This Book About?
When it comes to business, we believe that the mental game is just as important, if not more important, as the tasks and tactics that you do in your business. You don’t need another tool. You don’t need another course. You don’t need anything outside of yourself. You have everything you need to take your business and your life to whatever level you wish to take them to. It’s already inside of you. 

Over the last ten years, marketing veterans Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe have chronicled their insights and actionable tactics to master their mental game and grow their businesses. Now, in one place, these tips and practices are distilled into one “playbook” for you to pick through and implement.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Some fantastic reading while I set some ideas to percolate for work."
- Adam Teece
"Like exercising, improvements are made in increments over time... If your looking to make money online this is an easy read and great place to start!"
- Ray Rink
"Seems like a home run way to add extra revenue without much extra work!"
- Don Nir
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The specific process we use to map out any goal we want to achieve in our life, no matter how big or small (pg. 126).
  • The simple Bridge Philosophy that will ensure that you will accomplish more of your goals (pg. 54).
  • Why 99% of all business owners totally miss the boat when it comes to their customer's objections. We'll show you how to flip the script and use these as irresistible selling points (pg. 33).
  • How to fix almost any issue happening in your business (hint: it doesn't usually even involve your business!) (pg. 87).
  • How to make a small fortune with just one piece of stellar content. It only takes one to completely skyrocket your business (pg. 21).
  • The one question you should ask yourself everyday to make sure that you are focusing your time on the right task/project (pg. 59).
  • How to become a known name in a niche, even if you are still brand new and learning the ropes (pg. 83). 
  • How to "diagnose" if you're thinking too small. You'll learn how to break out of your monthly trap of just scraping by financially and blast through your goals like you never imagined (pg. 38).
  • The one thing you should focus on above anything else (pg. 73).
  • A step-by-step process to masterplan your ultimate lifestyle (pg. 86).
  • 5 fool-proof ways to force yourself into a flow-state to accomplish more than you imagine (pg. 65).
  • Why hustling everyday can ruin your business (and life) into the ground. Learn how to hustle the "smart" way so you can scale your business without more effort (pg. 68).
  • How to systematically achieve any goals in your biggest pillars of life: health, finances, and relationships (pg. 110).
  • Why the "normal" way of goal setting as an adult is completely wrong and short-sided. Learn how to break out of thinking small with some simple strategies (pg. 61).
  • The specific handful of questions we use to solve problems of any high-paying clients (this can be used for any business to make you a lot of money) (pg. 93).
  • The single question you should ask yourself to squash fear and immediately get into an abundant mindset (pg. 80).
  • How to use systems to shave off 10-15 hours per week from your "hustle" and free up more time for better things (pg. 70).
  • A simple change you can make in 4 steps that will almost always crush your procrastination so you can get more done and make more money! (pg. 11)
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